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This service is for sending SMS to many people together, using our system. SMS can be sent using this website, our Excel Plug-in software or by using our API's and integrating in your own softwares, ERP etc.


We give BULK SMS SERVICE using multiple SMS Routes.

Primary operator used by us is LOOP, which is considered the best in India for Bulk SMS !


Regular Promotional SMS Gateway


Transactional SMS Gateway


NDNC (DND) SMS Gateway with Automatic DND filtering. SMS will NOT be delivered to any mobile which is registered in DO NOT DISTURB registry.


TATKAL SMS Gateway:    Priority Route for quicker SMS delivery.


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PULL SMS (Short codes) :

This service is for INCOMING SMS. This is a 5 digit number where people can send sms to you for activities like voting, Polls etc. Short codes like 56767 or 56677 :    Charges Rs. 2,100 per month, minimum for 3 months.


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